LED Street Lights
Auto switching to AC
Dusk dawn operation
Remote monitoring
 LED Lamps
Constant light output
Drivers designed for 94% efficiency
LEDs > 100 Lumens/W
No blackening
 LED Focus Lamps
Constant light output
LEDs > 100 Lumens/W
No blackening
 Solar Inverters
Grid tied
 Other Products
Active Filters
DC-DC Converters
Off-grid/Grid tied System
Power Factor Correction
Solar Mobile Solutions
Solar Pumps
 Social Responsibility
Provides eco-friendly green solns for organisations involved in corporate social response.
  Research Center for Sustainable Solution Pvt. Ltd.
Simulation Tools Like Matlab / Simulink, Orcad / PSpice,
      Saber, MathCAD, Xilinx
Power Electronics
Renewable Energy
Embedded Systems
Modelling and Simulation Tools
Energy Conservation & Auditing
Energy Storage
  Product Range
 LED Home Lights
Charging from AC
Mobile charging
TV and FAN
 LED Lanterns
Charging from AC
LEDs > 100 Lumens/W
Mobile charging
Optimised Battery Charger
 Charge Controllers
Over charge protection
Temp compensation
 Led Blinkers
Automatic blinking
Dusk dawn operation
Custom Development
Customised Solar Soln
EPC Services
Feasibility Study
Hybrid Systems
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